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Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
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Property for Sale in Chania Old TownReference No : #04-973
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Chania
Category : Houses / Villas :: Up to 150.000 Euros

Property for Sale in Chania Old Town, Located in the most beautiful district on Crete characterized by the Venetian harbour and the labyrinthine alleyways, this 52m≤ one (1) bedroom house with a lovely yard in Chania's historic Old Town and just 200m from the Old Port shall be your personal fortress from where you can start to explore the Old Town's charming districts and quarters, the enchanting Splantzia square and all the Venetian, Ottoman and Neoclassical architecture strewn across the town.

The town around the old Venetian harbor will unravel to you its history from the glorious ancient Minoan times through the Ottoman Turkish period.

Astonishing buildings like venetian town houses and villas to a more Eastern vibe with the townĘs numerous Turkish houses, mosques and churches there is no question were the areaĘs diversity came from.

This elevated ground floor house has a kitchen and living room separated by an exquisite stone arch, one spacious bedroom and a toilet with shower.

This bright house, in need of partial cosmetic renovation so that it can unravel its full potential, benefits from a yard for lazy mornings and afternoons under the sun!

This home is ready to become your new residence or excellent business venture as it is also ideal to be used as a rental!


  • Due to the terrific location, the rental fees here are never reduced and, if anything, they keep going up.
  • Houses can be issued with an EOT license to be exploited as rentals.
  • The number of properties still available is quickly diminishing, which brings owners to a privileged position as the demand for rentals is increasing.
  • During the high season, that is, April to October each year, one is to expect full capacity.
  • The return is 8-10% per year.

Living in Chania Old Town is easy in this amazing residence combining perfect location at the heart od Chania with the tranquility one desires!


The old town of Chania is the beating heart of the city and the prefecture of Chania.

Crowds of people, tourists and residents of the city, people of all ages, come here and get what the charming old town and the enchanting Venetian harbour of Chania has to offer.

You'll encounter archaeological excavation sites that brought to light rich findings, even floor plans of whole establishments, showing that the city of Chania is developed on the site of an important ancient city named Kydonia or Cydonia. According to tradition, Kydonia was the third-largest city established by King Minos of Crete between the 3650-3000 BC.

Since then, Cydonia was inhabited in all subsequent phases of history. It flourished and declined at times, met wars, pillages and conquests. Its name paraphrased to Chania. Destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.

Today, the old town of Chania preserves deeply the signs since Crete was a colony of the Venetians (1252-1645), with the necessary additions of the subsequent years of Crete's conquest by the Ottoman Turks (1645-1898), as well as the less visible but existing signs of the Egyptian domination (1831-1841) that occurred during the Ottoman rule.

Observe the architecture of the buildings that reflect the diverse culture and religion of various and different civilizations that lived in Chania.

Many of these buildings were and remain homes, as well, others house shops, stores, bars, cafes and restaurants. Several, mostly Venetian mansions, have been converted into hotels, while other buildings have been converted into museums and venues that host cultural exhibitions.

All of them are monuments that will lead you, mentally, into the paths of the history of this place.

Why Greece?

Price (Euros) 70000
Previous Price (Euros) 90000
Build area (m≤) 52
Number of bedrooms 1
Toilets 1
Distance to airport, km 15
Distance to beach, km 400m (Koum Kapi)
Town Distance, km 200 (Old Port); 150 (Municipal Market)
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881

Detailed Images

Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : exteriors
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : exteriors
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : interiors
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : interiors
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : interiors
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town
Property for Sale in Chania Old Town : interiors
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