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Property in Crete
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Property in CreteReference No : #03-1366
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Chania
Category : Land :: Private purpose :: Over 100.000 Euros

Property in Crete, offering 4.750m of space enviably located just 100m from the sea, this unique land is simply perfect for a home which shall enjoy the gentle sea breezes…

Having a slight elevation the beautiful land allows the sea views to be enjoyed uninterruptedly giving the owner true peace of mind!

The amazing corner land offers 210m to be used for the construction of a luxury residence - or two smaller ones - which will be just 17m from the sandy beach of Kalathas, ideal for own use or commercial use generating a great income from its lease!

There is a big façade of 100m to a municipal road, while electricity and water are next to the plot.

The prime location of the sea view property offers also views of the graphic villages of Kalathas and Kounoupidiana, expanding to Stavros and Chorafakia.

All the above create the most scenic scenery and make this rare piece of land a great opportunity!


Kalathas is a small natural bay on the edge of a ravine, 10 km northeast from Chania. It is an ideal place if you want to have unwind and relaxing holidays, the perfect destination for a family and holidays close to the sea.

The sandy beach of Kalathas, is lined by pine trees and a lovely islet near the beach. A restaurant and a beach-volley field lie on the sandy beach. Tersanas beach is 1,5km northwest to the village, where families prefer to swim with the kids. A restaurant and a canteen can be found on the beach with local traditional dishes. Another excellent, sandy beach lies in Stavros, 6km way to the north. The village is surrounded by Monasteries and churches. The ones mostly worth to visit are the Gouverneto (Lady of the Angels) and the Katholiko (Saint Ioannis, the Hermite). Kalathas is an excellent home-base for visiting West Crete on the peninsula of Akrotiri. It's a new, quiet settlement, mainly for people who want to move out of Chania. It has seen a lot of building activity in recent years as more and more Cretans are moving out of town and tourist attraction due to it's famous, quiet, sandy beach lined by pine trees and a lovely islet in front. Furthermore there are many activities that can take place in this beach, such as windsurfing, scuba diving, canoes etc. At the surrounding area one can find supermarkets, gas station, bakery, restaurants and taverns where one can enjoy fresh fish and the traditional Cretan kitchen.

Akrotiri lies 10 km north-east from the Venetian harbour of Chania. Here are the tombs of Eleftherios and Sofoklis Venizelos, the airport of Chania and the port of Souda. Akrotiri is a place for nature lovers, with interesting walking and hiking paths through the unspoilt gorges with amazing diversity, natural beauty and living traditions.

Its dry climate combined with the sea breeze forms an ideal environment not only for people but also for the farm products which are renowned for their high quality and taste. With picturesque sandy beaches, all awarded with the Blue Flag, century-old monasteries and churches, impressive caves with rich lithological and archaeological interest, historical monuments, Akrotiri attracts many visitors every year, who enjoy Cretan hospitality and nature at their best.

"Akrotiri" (the Cape) is the common name of the peninsula that lies to the north-east of the city of Chania and administratively constitutes the Municipality of Akrotiri of the county of Kydonia of the prefecture of Chania. The official name of the peninsula is "MELECHAS" while its ancient name was "Kyamon".

Its 10.000 residents live in around 20 villages and settlements. The town hall is at the village of Pithari 6,5 km away from Chania. Other villages are: Sternes, Horafakia, Kounoupidiana, Mouzouras, Korakies, Argoylides, Aroni, Agios Nikolaos, Pazinos (or Paxinos), Anemomyloi, Marathi, Kathiana, Kalathas, Kampani, Stavros, Kalorouma, Hordaki, Rizosklopo, Agia Zoni and Profitis Ilias.

The road network is quite extensive and in good condition, reaching all the villages and beaches of Akrotiri. There is also a very frequent bus connection with Chania.

The biggest part of the area is flat except from the eastern side which is rocky with a rugged hill range (the highest being Sklopa: 528m high)-giving the impression of high mountains - and pierced by a few gorges that end to the sea in some very scenic rocky coves.

Another characteristic of those hills are the numerous caves that can be found there, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites sometimes with amazing shapes. Findings of archaeological and historical interest prove that the caves were used as a place of worship as well as a refuge from the invasions of pirates.

  • Kalathas (8km from Hania)
  • Porofarago (14km from Hania)
  • Agiofarago (18km from Hania)
  • Agios Antonios (18km from Hania)
  • Poro Mavre (16km from Hania)

  • Lera /Stavros area
  • Arkalospilio /3km from the M.Gouvernetou
  • Aherospilio Agios Ioannis / near M.Katholiko
  • Arkoudospilio
  • Koumarospilio
The coast line around Akrotiri is rocky and steep, with only a few sandy beaches, protected in small bays. There are also three small islets very close to the coast. The most important is the islet of Souda with a Venetian fortress and a light house.

The beaches are very clean and awarded every single year with the blue flag.

  • Kalathas / 9km from Hania
  • Agios Onoufrios / 8km from Hania
  • Tersanas Maherida / 12km from Hania
  • Stavros / 15km from Hania
  • Marathi / 16km from Hania

Akrotiri justifies its name as "The Holly Mountain of Crete" due to its monasteries and churches.

The most important are:
  • Holly Trinity - Tzangaroloi - 15,5 km from Chania
    Named after its founders - end of 16th century - Jeremiah and Laurentius Giagarolo brothers from a noble Venetian family
  • Lady of the Angels - Gouverneto - 18km from ChaniaBuilt on a small plateau at 260m a.s.l. One of the oldest monasteries in Crete (15th century)

  • Agios Ioannis the Hermit - Katholiko - 3km from M.GouvernetoIs considered to be the oldest monastery in Crete (6th-10th century) with hermitages like those of Meteora

  • Nuns' Monastery of Agios Ioannis - At Korakies, 7km from Chania - 17th century

  • Agios Ioannis Eleimon (merciful) - 17th century

  • M. dependency of Agios Antonios Temple in the bear's cave (Arkoudiotissa), near Katholiko monastery
  • Cavernous Church of Agios Georgios Apidiotis, in the gorge of Mavre, near Pazinos village

Why Greece?
Price (Euros) 360000
Build area (m) 210
Land area (m) 4750
Sea View yes
Mountain View yes
Distance to airport, km 5
Distance to beach, km 0,17
Town Distance, km 12
Contact us - Main office
Contact us - Main office


+30 28210 57111
+30 28210 58881

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Property in Crete
The View :: Property in Crete
Property in Crete
The View :: Property in Crete
Property in Crete
The View :: Property in Crete
Property in Crete
The View :: Property in Crete
Property in Crete
The View :: Property in Crete
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