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Visit to the Perfecture of Rethymnon , by Russian Journalists

Visit to the Prefect of Rethymnon, Mr George Papadakis, held yesterday 10 Russian journalists working in tourist publications and media in Russia. The 10 journalists out a few days visit to Crete, on which they stayed for two days in Rethymnon in order to visit places and sites of the Prefecture for the needs of their reporting, which will be hosted in Russian newspapers and magazines. It is worth noting that Russian journalists hosted by the Association of Hoteliers in Rethymnon, accompanied to the County Hall by the Vice of the Hoteliers Association, Mr. Tsakalakis.

The governor welcomed the guests in the county, which, as pointed out, with its natural beauty, unique biodiversity, history and culture combined with a temperate climate and friendly inhabitants, is a very valuable and safe tourist destination for Russians, whom he described as "elite clientele". Particular mention was made by Mr. Papadakis for Cretan diet, which enjoys a worldwide scientific recognition for its high nutritional value and its contribution to longevity. In addition, Mr Papadakis said the efforts and operations of county authority in the state to remove bureaucratic obstacles (VISA), which prevent many Russians to visit our country, although the link with Greece, a common bond, such as religion.

The Russian reporters thanked Mr Papadakis for the updating and the warm reception and for the audio-visual material visibility of the prefecture (brochures, books, DVD, CD), distributed to them to gain information for their stories. Moreover proceeded to questions about the Cretan Diet, agritourism activities developed in the prefecture, and the frequency of public transportation route from the city to the hinterland of the county. Finally, they excited about the beauty of the place as well as of the warm hospitality of Rethemnioton.

The meeting also attended by Deputy Prefect of Rethymnon Mr Manolis Stavrakakis, departmental directors, Ms Zoe Sitareniou-Brillaki and Gianna Kefalogianni-Birliraki, the general secretary of the Prefecture, Mr. Simeon Giannakis and officers of Department of Tourism Prefecture.

source: Travel Daily News

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