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Significant increase in arrivals of Israelis in Greece
Efforts to further development and diversify of the tourism model of Israel, beyond the standard "religious tourism" which brings thousands of visitors to Holy Sites every year, analyzed senior official of the Ministry of Tourism of the country, on the Israeli embassy in Athens.

Mr. Gechouda Sen said that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism promotes actively the cooperation with foreign tour operators and large travel agencies, with the main objective of most visitors come to Israel. The rise of resorts of Israel "of the four seas" - the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Dead Sea and Galilee - Tel Aviv's, as an increasingly popular destination of type city break, and the important area of congress tourism, are some of the pillars of new tourism policy of the country that Mr Sen described later in a speech at a central hotel of Athens for businessmen in the industry.

As the ANA / MPA (Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency)  in 2008, over 22.000 Greeks visited Israel, while the number fell to 16,000 in 2009 to an admittedly bad year for global tourism industry, although the number in the first quarter of 2010 is encouraging, over 5200 visitors, since Easter was celebrated in March this year. This number is multiplied by 10 by the Israelis to obtain a number of Israeli arrivals in Greece, ie in the range of more than 200,000 visitors annually.

Of course, Mr. Shen, who is manager of Central and Eastern Europe in the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, recalled something they know very well, unfortunately, the tourist enterprises in Greece, the fact that prices in Greece in the eurozone jumped higher the latest years, resulting ten thousand of Israelis preferring Mediterranean destinations outside the euro area, mainly to neighboring Turkey.

Israeli officials say would significantly increase Israeli arrivals in Greece in the European Union in the wake of deteriorating political relations between Turkey and Israel, there is also the feeling that Greece is the closest Western European countries in the Middle East.
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