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New beginning for tourism

"The Marine Tourism for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization, is one of the key features of the overall tourism profile of our country - and as such we face it, with seriousness and responsibility through integrated action and actions. " This was highlighted by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Angela Gkerekou, at the inauguration of the Exhibition for the Professional Yacht Tourism, which takes place on the island of Poros.
Addressing to the businessmen of the industry, Mrs Gkerekou stressed that the ministry will announce immediately a notice for number of projects that focus on the construction of tourist marinas, moorings and ports servicing the Marine Tourism, proving the responsibility of the state regarding this sector. While focused on the implementation of the ESPA for the implementation of the infrastructure needed for the development of marine tourism.
In early June is announced the next event workshop with subject: "Marine Tourism: The untapped comparative advantage of Greece" , which is scheduled to take place in Piraeus. There, said the Deputy Minister, will be given the opportunity to discuss all issues and all matters relating to marine tourism in order to develop a specific proposal for the comprehensive scope of marine tourism.
Referring to the Prime Minister announcements for the lifting of cabotage, Mrs Gkerekou noted that in this decision, the political leadership is not driven by "analgesia" or "regardlessness" to the interests of the dock and the Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNF). Driven mainly by common sense, but also very critical juncture where it is located in the country.
"We can not continue to allow the loss of huge revenue for the country and channeling them to neighboring competitors, continuing to keep a regime that eventually has led to a de facto monopoly against of many. There is no longer the luxury for the country - and that is clear and should be clear to everyone. However, on the other hand,  we are not of the logic " we decide and order", noted Mrs Gkerekou.
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