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Greece – The New World For Real Estate
Greece – The New World For Real Estate

Greece has recently emerged to be the latest real estate giant in Europe. Opportunities abound in this country at present, and many businessmen are flocking to Greece to venture into real estate investments.

Greece is now recognized to be one of the top improving property markets in Europe. This is in view of the fact that overseas investors are principally trying to acquire real estate properties in the country.

Greece currently has a large number of foreign nationals. Some are merely tourists while others are big time investors. The volume of these potential investors seems to be increasing day by day.

Business visionaries are fascinated with the notion of taking real-estate business one step further. They are buying property in Greece for business purposes. Holiday homes for rent are one of the hot investment opportunities in this country.

Holiday Homes
Holiday homes are viewed as a valuable investment assuring lucrative returns in the long term. For most travelers, renting a holiday home in Greece is cheaper than staying in a hotel over a period of time. Holiday homes also have better domestic ambiance than a hotel room.

Properties available
There are a lot of properties available in the Greece real estate market, and the average Greek property prices are:

- New 1 bedroom apartment from ¤50,000 to ¤150,000;
- New 2 bedroom apartment from ¤100,000 to ¤300,000; and
- renovated property from ¤50,000 to ¤300,000 plus.

All are for the convenience of enthusiastic travelers.

Greece has a lot more to offer aside from holiday homes. These include Commercial properties such as retail enterprises and office buildings. More so, Greece is likewise an assenting tourist haven. It is because of its fine climate, stunning sceneries and relaxed approach to life. Aside from this, its cuisine is highly regarded across the globe. Moussaka, feta cheese, and dolmades are best examples. More importantly, Greece˘s cost of living is 40% lower than the UK.

The island of Crete in Greece has also evolved into a profitable place for resort development. Plenty of islands, which are ideal for resorts, can also be found predominantly in the western end around Chania. Vacation resorts or second homes in the islands of Greece such as Kos, Rhodes, Andros, and Samnos are available. The most renown is the island of Corfu On the western side of Greece in the Ionion Sea. For international travelers, This Island is one of Greece˘s most visited locations. A number of resorts with units for sale and rent and plenty of individual homes are also offered. This makes Crete quite popular for holiday travelers. As a result, popular vacation spots have likewise become prime real estate investment locations in Crete. This is why several people aspire to take pleasure in the beauty of this country. In effect, they are purchasing holiday homes.

Word of Caution
However, real estate property investments in Greece have become a trend of sorts. This means buyers and investors must also bear in mind that investing in any overseas real estate property requires sufficient planning. The factors to consider include:
  • the market situation;
  • the best locations to invest in;
  • when to buy; and
  • what type of property to buy (low-priced single-family homes are harder to find in the well-developed city of Athens than in other cities especially like Larissa).
Buyers and investors must also find help or assistance from local real estate agents. In this manner, they will be accustomed to the realities of the property market. They better consult English-speaking lawyers specializing in property sales and overseas holiday homes.

Source: Viva Blog!
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