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Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine has become the basis for creating the informal term "Mediterranean" diet, attracts many tourists, is recommended by specialists in food hygiene and so gradually wins worldwide.
The tourist world stresses that Greek cuisine should be a key component of promoting Greek tourism product, especially since that is quite recognizable in the western world (especially with increasing trend towards healthy eating) and is close to eating habits of the tourists primarily interested in travel to Greece.
It is significant also that the SETE has made a study entitled "Gastronomy in the Greek Tourism Marketing " which will present the next days.
The importance of Greek cuisine is evident through various publications in foreign press. A recent example is the publication of the Australian newspaper "The Sunday Mail", which refers to the Greek cuisine and its influence in Australia.
According to this publication, online poll of the news group News Ltd ( Murdoch group) has highlighted the roast lamb, as it is cooked by the Greeks, as the national dish of Australians.
This dish, which brought out "national dish" of Australians, says the publication, refers to the Greek cuisine, which is "simple, healthy and fits perfectly with our climate and our way of life" . Note that many Greeks migrated to Australia in the 50s and 60s, but the influence of the cuisine in Australia is limited and relatively recent. Note that the view that the Greek cuisine is "one of the healthiest in the world", lastly gains ground and the newspaper suggests to readers of traditional Greek recipes.

Source : Tourism and Property magazine
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