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The film

In 2007, the crews of a large film production in Hollywood poured into narrow paved of Sporades, the streets of Corfu and the stonebuilt Pelion.
The cameras turned to Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, and of course the unique Greek landscapes: the sea and the beaches, the whitewashed houses, the cobbled streets and wild cliffs of the islands.

At the heart of all these was a fabulous wedding. This was the film version of long lasting musical theater performance "Mama Mia", the 22 songs of "Abba", which came out in cinemas in summer 2008.
In addition to the revenue attributed to the producers and distributors, the film had another "side" positive effect: made hundreds of couples in Europe and U.S. to dream married in Greece - or even a repeat, by renewing their vows !
The increasingly stronger trend "caught in the air" the marketing director of the company "elahol-holiday-villas.com", Rosemary Russell, who visited Thessaloniki, at a conference on female entrepreneurship in tourism, organized by the organization TOWER (Thessaloniki Professional Women's Organization of Information and Support).
"Since the film and audio material (soundtrack) released, our site began to receive increased requests for wedding tourism ... [in Greece]," explained Mrs. Russell, according to whom, if someone typed in Internet search engine Google the phrase "Weddings in Greece" , the search will yield over 3,550,000 results!

Many of the requests received by the company's website Mrs Russell, from Britain, but also from other parts of Europe and other couples out of Europe. Indeed, after ĞMama Miağ, couples looking for accommodation not only for two... but for their families and their guests!
As Ms. Russell said, most couples who "look" for Greece, a dream summer wedding, especially in the islands of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Santorini and, secondarily, to Skopelos and Skiathos. Recently,  "believers" wins mainland Greece, with the most popular destination Halkidiki.
The wedding ceremonies "on the beach " are ideal for foreign couples. Many, however, are forced to put up with realistic solutions, and in areas where ... the waves break is usually difficult to find enough rooms for all guests in the middle of summer.
Recently, however, developed a taste for the spring or autumn wedding in islands and picturesque villages of the mainland, and these periods coincide with a short break in British schools.

According to Ms. Russell, however, creates problems of road infrastructure in rural Greece, as many areas of  "exceptional beauty", for example, Pelion, have difficult access and need much time to appoache them.

The benefits of wedding tourism is not limited purely to the hospitality sector (hotels, accommodation, villas), but extended to other areas: the pairs reserve in Greece dining rooms for banquets, taxi and limousine services, as well as sailing.... motorcycles, carriages and horses...

Indeed, Ms. Russell noted that her company is ready to find even balloons for any interested! "Golden jobs" opens the wedding tourism for the local bakeries, salons and florists, for photographers, musicians and disc-jockeys, even for English speaking lawyers (who undertake to explain to the couple about Greek law marriages).

Source : Tourism and Property magazine
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