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Tribute - documentary hymn to Crete by the Italian TV

Tribute - documentary hymn to Crete by the Italian TV

To EOT Office Italy (MI) and the television producer Alessandro Dinitto, on behalf of the Italian State TV RAI3 and tourism project "Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro" made a special documentary - anthem for Crete of duration 20 minutes, which was aired on Sunday, the 27th November.

See the tribute - documentary, tribute to Crete

It is, as published by traveldailynews.gr, the most important tourist television broadcast on Italian TV, with ratings that approached 1.5 million viewers around, a television share of about 10%.

The unique natural beauty, the unique landscapes, the presentation of the historical and cultural heritage, traditions and customs of its inhabitants were the creative part in the special presentation of modern tourist reality of Crete.

Alongside is the final stage of processing of another documentary dedicated to the islands of the northern Aegean (Lesvos - Chios - Samos), filmed three months ago in anticipation of showing it in the same program on the March 2012 and provides for both productions iterations through specific programs and channels of satellite Italian state television.

The implementation of these television productions is the product of the harmonious cooperation of EOT Milan by Italian media, and the valuable support of the regions of North Aegean, Crete, Thessaly, Aegean Airlines and the City of Aegina.

Moreover, the six episode television series "Sailing woman nel Dodecaneso" which captured the magic of sailing in the Dodecanese, is to be screened, among other things, in the hall Cinema Detour in Rome on December 16, 2011.

In partnership with TTG-Italia, was held a thematic riadshshow School Tourism presenting the Greek tourism product through special workshops organized in the cities of Milan, Verona and Padua from 8 to 11 November 2011 and involving more than 150 educational consultants, professors, journalists and tourism professionals.

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