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Priorities for investment in GREECE
Although the country has already excellent tourist infrastructure, Greece has set a goal to further develop its tourist potential and to become a holiday destination for all year round. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for activities such as golf and hiking, and it is estimated that one million Europeans consider Greece as a candidate for second-home destination.
Today, 70% of visits are taking place during the period between May and October, while the visitors are mainly concentrated in Crete (21% of total beds), Dodecanese (17%), in the Ionian Islands (12%), Attica (9 %), Chalkidiki (6.5%) and the Cyclades (6%).
Sub-sectors of tourism that show investment interest are the integrated development of tourism resorts as second homes, golf courses, sports tourism, health tourism and wellness, upgrading and construction of new marinas, conference centers, development of agrocultural-products, religious tourism , the spas and thalassotherapy centers, gastronomy and numerous of thematic tourism options on cultural and historical heritage of Greece.
Generally, hotels in Greece are small in size as the average size of a Greek hotel is 76 beds.
Unique Opportunities
Most hotels in Greece are classified at 1 and 2 stars class, which means that there is great scope for investors to build hotels, 4 and 5 stars. According to Greek Hotel Branding
Report, branded hotels in Greece constitute to the 4% of all hotel and 19% of the total availability of beds, while in other European countries this ratio varies between 25% and 40%.

Hotel chains that operate as franchisors will discover that there are really attractive opportunities in setting a hotel of 2, 3 and 4 stars.
Conference Centers
The location, the wonderful sites and various events in Greece, making it an ideal destination for conferences. According to the classification of the International Association of
Conferebces, in 2008, Athens was ranked 15th, 10 places higher than in 2007.
The prospects for development of golf in Greece is great. Today in Greece there are five 18 hole golf courses, compared with 250 golf courses in Spain and approximately 50 golf
courses in Portugal.
Spas and thalassotherapy centers
Greece has more than 700 thermo-mineral sources, most of them with many therapeutic properties. There are great prospects for the creation of wellness centers and spas.
Greece is a natural destination for sea lovers, featuring more than 6,000 large and small islands and beach area of 15,000 km. The need for upgrading of marinas and new
construction is an attractive investment opportunity.
Resorts of integrated tourism development
Investors interested in enhancing an integrated tourism resort development, will find great growth potential and ideal locations.
Thematic Tourism
The abundant natural resources of Greece, the historical richness and traditional heritage is the basis for creating alternative forms of tourism, including religious tourism,
adventure tours, archaeological tourism, gastronomy and wine tourism.
Greece has the most diverse flora and fauna in Europe, unique ecosystems, protected areas of wildlife, dominant mountains, unique forests and marine parks. In addition,
historic villages, mountain shelters, rich crops and culinary tradition are ideal and a variety of options for creating ecotourist products.
The corporate tax rate in Greece is 25% while licensing procedures for tourism investments have restructured and simplified. 
Source: National Statistical Service
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