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Help for First Time Buyers

Help for First Time Buyers

Choosing expert help

Unless you are putting down a large deposit on the property, your mortgage company or lender will probably carry out a survey for their own purposes.

For your own peace of mind, and perhaps as a bargaining tool, you could have your own survey carried out. You can go to the expense of a full structural survey, or a cheaper survey that is less informative.

Having a survey carried out will give you some peace of mind, or alternatively it could highlight remedial work that needs doing, or even save you from buying an unsuitable property.

You will need to appoint a solicitor to deal with the conveyancing (legal formalities) of the property transfer.

Some solicitors charge their fee as a percentage of the value of the property and other as a fixed fee. Ask for quotes and seek personal recommendations.

Following the acceptance of a formal offer, the solicitor will make any pre-sale enquiries between you and the vendor and take you through the exchange and completion of the sale.

The solicitor will carry out one or more 'searches'. Your solicitor will deal with the Land Registry to transfer the property to your name. This happens after the completion of the sale.

Prior to the day you move in, normally known as the 'completion date', you will exchange contracts with the vendor. You will need the mortgage offer to be in place by the time you exchange contracts. Following completion, your name will be registered with the Land Registry and you will have to pay Real estate transfer Tax. The solicitor will arrange this for you.

A deposit of normally 10% of the purchase price is payable by you before your solicitor starts the research, to secure the property and take it from the market until the final contract can be signed. A day before signing the contract, the real estate transfer tax has to be paid to the tax authorities and at the date of exchanging of contracts, the vendor is getting the agreed selling price, your solicitor, the notary and the broker has to be paid as well as the fee for the registration.

More information on the legal situation find here: http://www.ktimatoemporiki.gr/content/100/



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