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Legislation in Greece
Information on the legislation in Greece

Importing a car to Greece

A lot of rumour was going on the past years regarding this issue. It is still not that easy - cheap to import a car from your home country into Greece, Crete but the European Community constantly improving the European Laws giving European citizens equal rights and simplifies the procedures.

Depending on the duration you want to use your car in Greece - Crete (same rules for other European countries as well) the rules differ. If you, as European citizen, are travelling in Greece, Crete up to 6 months and your car is registered in an other European country, you are free to do it without customs control. Of course you should be able to proof that the car is registered in another EU country and the entry into Greece (e.g. by keeping your boat ticket). The idea to tell the custom police you lost your boat ticket is nowadays not working anymore as all vehicles are registered with the registration number when booking, entering the ferry and they have access to this data.

What can you do after the free 6 month period?

1.Leave Greece with the car for at least 185 days; then you can use the same car for another 6 months tax free
2.You are leaving Greece and your car remains for the above mentioned period of 185 days at a special Customs enclosed site in Greece
3.Import the car (see below)

If you/your car is caught by the custom police after the 6 months tax free period, you will have to pay for each "illegal" day a fine and they keep your car until you have either imported it legally into Greece or exported from Greece and paid the fine.

For more information and advice you can contact the Directorate for the Supervision and Control of Cars, DIPEAK, Akti Kondyli 32, Piraeus 185 10 - Phone: +30 210 4623615 / 6325 / 7325.

Permanent importation of a car to Greece

You are an EU citizen and you want to import your vehicle into Greece - Crete, than you are free from VAT and Special Consumption Tax in case that:

1.You have been a resident of another EU country for the last 3 years and had a domicile for at least 3 years in one of the EU-countries before your arrival in Greece
2.You have not been resident in Greece for more than 2 years
3.You have a certificate of the Greek Consular Authority of your previous residence country which declares that you are changing your residence. The certificate is valid for 12 months and you need P60s for the last 3 years, P45, utility bills, Council tax bills for the last 2 years, bank statement and the vehicle's documents to obtain this certificate.
4.The car you want to import has a catalyser
5.You used the car you want to import for at least 6 months in your previous residential country and you can proof that you have paid the VAT and Tax there.
6.You have a 5years residence permit
7.When entering the country you have declared in written ("Dilosis") that you are importing the car for permanent use

You fulfil all above mentioned requirements, than you have to go within 45 days from the date of the importation to your nearest Custom Authority and request the excemption of VAT and Special Consumption Tax and to undergo a test at aVehicle Technical Control Centre (KTEO). You will have than the permit to purchase a special Greek registration plate (red on white). After getting this special Greek registration plate you may not transfer, lease, pawn or lent nor use this car in another manner as declared (e.g. from private to business use) without prior approval by the custom authority for 1 year, otherwise you will have to pay the total amount of tax due.
If you are transfering, leasing etc. the vehicle after 1 year: you will have to pay 80% of the total amount of tax due.
If you are transfering, leasing etc. the vehicle after 2 years: you will have to pay 60% of the total amount of tax due
If you are transfering, leasing etc. the vehicle after 3 years: you will have to pay 40% of the total amount of tax due.
If you are transfering, leasing etc. the vehicle after 4 years: you will have to pay 20% of the total amount of tax due.
After 5 years you can transfer, lease etc. the vehicle without any re-payments.

The above mentioned covers importing new and second-hand cars, new pleasure craft of a length exceeding 7.5m, new motorcycles, second-hand motorcycles of over 250cc, new and second-hand mobile caravans. If your car is a diesel engine vehicle please be aware that they may NOT circulate in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.
Prior importation it is recommended to contact your nearest Custom Authority or get individual information from the Director of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Amalias 40, Athens 105 62, Tel.: +30 2103245552 / 5587.
One last thing to mention, according to the Greek taxation laws fictitious income (Tekmirio) for properties and cars is assumed which can be taxed by the Greek Tax Offices. This is the case when the value of the car (new fabric price) is above 50.000 Euros. For this fictitious income a tax declartion has to be submitted.
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